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52% of office workers face employer backlash when resigning: survey

52% of office workers face employer backlash when resigning: survey

Taipei, Jan. 28 (CNA) About 52.5 percent of Taiwan's office workers have negative experiences with their employers after tendering their resignation, according to the results of a recent survey.

Some 58 percent of the respondents said their companies used the inability to find their replacement as a rationale to compel them to work additional days, while 29 percent said they were mocked by their superiors or bosses, according to a survey by online job bank yes123 released on Jan. 27.

Twenty-five percent of them said their workloads were suddenly increased before their last day of employment and 17.6 percent of the respondents said their salaries were disbursed later than expected, showed the survey.

The survey found that 86.8 percent of office workers had experience resigning; among them, 25.5 percent would not reveal to their employers why they chose to resign. While 74.1 percent said they hid the true reasons behind their resignations, only 7.8 chose to give a complete explanation to their former employers.

As for the timing of resignation, 54.5 percent of office workers surveyed said they resigned after they had secured their next job. Some 31.7 percent said they resigned after they started to look for their next job, while the remaining 13.8 percent said they chose to resign before starting to search for a new job.

Two thirds of the companies surveyed (66.7 percent) said they conducted exit interviews with employees, but only one out of five (20.9 percent) opted to remain in their positions.

It takes companies some 2.7 months to find an employee to fill a regular vacancy and about 3.4 months to find an employee in a leading position, according to the survey.

Citing survey results, yes123 spokesperson Yang Tsung-pin suggested office workers maintain a positive attitude toward their work, fulfill their duties, maintain good interpersonal relationships, and defend their working rights until they leave their companies.

The survey was conducted from Jan. 5-12 among its members who have been employed for more than a year, collecting 975 valid responses. It had a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 3.14 percentage points. The survey was also distributed among companies, collecting 696 valid responses. (By Bernie Chiu and Kuo Chung-han)

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