4 sections of roads closed as precaution amid cold wave

Four sections of provincial highways around Taiwan are being closed as part of precaution measures amid the lingering impact of a strong cold air mass, the Directorate General of Highways said Monday, noting that the closure will last until 7 a.m. Tuesday.

The closed sections of roads include the Baling (47 kilometer mark)-Qilan (86km) section of Provincial Highway 7 in central Taiwan, the Nanshan (30km)-Chihliang (56km) section on the Yilan branch of Provincial Highway 7A, and the Biluxi (103km)-Dayuling (112km) section of Provincial Highway 8.

The fourth closed section is the Cuifeng (18km)-Dayuling (41km) section of Provincial Highway 14A in central Taiwan, the agency said.

The closure began at 5 p.m. Monday because of ice on the roads, it said.

The current cold wave has affected Taiwan since Saturday, triggering unusual snow -- or hail around the subtropical island Sunday. Ten sections of provincial highways islandwide were closed overnight until Monday morning in anticipation of drier weather that could make the roads icy.