KMT candidate ends campaign in Northern Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Kuomintang presidential candidate Eric Liluan Chu focused the last day of campaigning Friday for the January 16 elections on Northern Taiwan with one foray into Taichung.
The ruling party chairman spent Friday morning touring the streets of Taipei City in a motorcade with his wife, Kao Wan-chien. He started at the KMT headquarters and wound his way through several of the capital’s most populated districts. The seven KMT legislative candidates and the wife of the New Party candidate for an eighth election district also put in appearances, reports said.
With Taipei City described as a KMT stronghold, the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party has only put up two of its own members as candidates, but it supports a loose alliance of small-party representatives and independents for the six other seats.
In the early evening, Chu was planning to travel down to Taichung in Central Taiwan for a final effort there. The region is sometimes seen as a buffer zone between the DPP South and the KMT North, with the winner being able to win the whole country.
His final appearance of the campaign will happen in Banqiao, the district where he usually works as mayor of New Taipei City. Campaigning is due to stop at 10 p.m Friday, with voting on Saturday followed by the announcement of the results of the vote for a president, a vice president, and 113 members of the Legislative Yuan.
DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen, who is widely expected to win, will hold her final rally on Ketagalan Boulevard, just meters from the Presidential Office Building, which will welcome its new occupant on May 20.
People First Party Chairman James Soong will attend his final campaign event at the Taipei Municipal Stadium in the capital.

Updated : 2021-01-27 07:20 GMT+08:00