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'Taipei City of the ROC' shown as Facebook location: report

'Taipei City of the ROC' shown as Facebook location: report

Facebook users in Taipei City have alleged that their location as shown on the social network website has been changed to "Taipei City of the Republic of China" from the original "Taipei City," which they said seemingly shows that the ROC has been recognized by the site, according to a local media report.

In response, Facebook's public relations agency in Taiwan said Wednesday that the company is investigating.

Facebook usually shows users' country or city based on where their messages were sent from.

However, the Wednesday media report includes a screenshot capture posted by a Facebook fan Jan. 2, showing the user location as "Taipei City of the Republic of China" rather than "Taipei City." The post sparked heated discussion among Internet users on whether Facebook has finally recognized the ROC.

However, other users of the PTT Bulletin Board System posted messages pointing out that user locations can be changed by the users themselves and that the issue is a fuss about nothing.

After tests by logging onto his Facebook account from either his desktop computer or smartphone, a CNA reporter found that his location read simply "Taipei City" and he was able to manually revise or alter the location. There was no choice showing a location of "Taipei City of the Republic of China."

The reporter also found that the location of the Facebook fan group's Jan. 2 post had been changed back to "Taipei City."

(By Jeffrey Wu and Evelyn Kao)

Updated : 2021-10-16 07:54 GMT+08:00