18 parties vie for 34 at-large legislator seats

18 parties vie for 34 at-large legislator seats

With Taiwan’s general election entering its countdown stage, the Central Election Commission Tuesday announced candidate rosters for the 9th legislative election, of which the at-large roster contains 18 political parties, causing the ballot to become record-breaking 73cm long.

A total of 113 legislators will be elected from the upcoming legislative election, including 73 district legislators, six aboriginal legislators, and 34 at-large legislators.

A party must win at least 5 percent of the political party vote to be eligible for participation in the distribution of the 34 at-large seats.

According to the CEC announcement, a total of 354 electoral district candidates nationwide are vying for the 73 regional seats, and 23 aboriginal candidates competing for the six aboriginal seats.

In addition, 18 political parties nominating a total of 179 candidates are pitting against each other to win the 34 at-large seats. Many small and up-and-coming political parties hope to grab their seats in the Legislature through the political party vote.

The 18 political parties participating in the at-large race represent a big jump from four years ago when there were 11 political parties joining the race.

The long list of political parties causes the ballot to become 73cm long, the longest for the political party vote in Taiwan’s election history.