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Leeds facing sanctions for denying TV access for match

Leeds facing potential sanctions after denying TV broadcaster access to ground ahead of match

Leeds facing sanctions for denying TV access for match

LEEDS, England (AP) -- The eccentric Italian owner of English club Leeds has sparked a new controversy by denying a broadcaster access to the team's stadium ahead of a televised game on Tuesday.

Leeds' home match against Derby in the second-tier League Championship is to be shown on Sky Sports, but staff members of the British broadcaster have been unable to enter Elland Road.

Leeds owner Massimo Cellino is unhappy at the number of games the team has been shown on TV this season, resulting in changes to kick-off times and dates.

The Football League said Leeds could be charged with misconduct if access isn't provided.

Cellino is currently waiting for an appeal date as he fights a second ban for breaching the league's owners' test following a tax evasion conviction in Italy.

Updated : 2021-07-27 10:57 GMT+08:00