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Tsai denounces labeling of her foreign policy

Tsai denounces labeling of her foreign policy

Tsai denounces labeling of her foreign policy

Opposition Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen Tuesday lashed out at the ruling KMT for repeatedly and mistakenly labeling her foreign policy as the “scorched earth diplomacy" policy.

In the first presidential debate Sunday, Tsai harshly criticized the Ma Ying-jeou administration for promoting “diplomatic truce” in the past few years, leaving career diplomats not knowing what they’re fighting for.

The Presidential Office came to its defense, condemning Tsai for wishing to repeat the scorched earth diplomacy policy undertaken during the Chen Shui-bian administration, bringing great risks to cross-Strait and foreign relations. The Presidential Office pointed out the foreign policies under the DPP’s administration led the United States to label Taiwan a troublemaker.

Former Taichung Mayor Jason Hu, KMT presidential candidate Eric Chu’s campaign manager, told media Monday that if Tsai repeats the scorched earth diplomacy, the number of Taiwan’s allies may drop to single digit.

Tsai refuted the remarks Tuesday before attending an information industry forum, saying, “Here it comes again--another labeling.”

She said the DPP adopts an active diplomatic approach to strengthen relations with allies and non-allied countries.

This active approach is unlike the current situation of a diplomatic shock or diplomatic truce that makes the country stand idle waiting for other countries’ goodwill, Tsai said.

Diplomacy is a national matter, not a partisan one, and should not be manipulated to gain votes in elections, Tsai added.