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Ex-RCA Taiwan workers to get NT$200,000 in death compensation

Ex-RCA Taiwan workers to get NT$200,000 in death compensation

Former workers of the defunct RCA factory in Taoyuan, who died from cancer due to exposure to toxic chemicals, as well as their next of kin, are eligible to receive at least NT$200,000 each in occupational hazard compensation from the labor insurance fund, the Occupational Safety Health Council said Monday.

According to a special measure, the Bureau of Labor Insurance has notified 69 former RCA factory workers with cancer who have received the ordinary accident compensation that they are eligible for the occupational hazard payouts, but they will have to deduct the amount they have already received from the previous payments, the council said.

Those who are entitled to less than NT$200,000 in occupational hazard compensation will be paid to make up the difference, according the council.

The Taipei District Court ruled 43 of the former RCA employees died of cancer as a result of the toxic pollution emitted by its Taoyuan factory, with 35 of whom eligible to apply for occupational hazard payouts and subsidies. To date, 34 of them have received NT$5.06 million in compensation from the Bureau of Labor Insurance, according to the council. (By Zoe Wei and Evelyn Kao)

Updated : 2021-09-20 12:30 GMT+08:00