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Chronology of news events in 2015

Chronology of news events in 2015


July 1

--The United States and Cuba agree to open embassies in each other's capitals, the biggest tangible step in the countries' historic bid to restore ties after more than a half-century of hostilities.

July 2

--Indonesia's air force chief says the military transport plane that crashed into a residential neighborhood in the city of Medan killing 141 people had a propeller abnormality that indicates an engine stalled.

July 3

-- More than five years after the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, BP prepares to pay a record $18.7 billion to affected states in the hopes of closing a legal drama that has cost the British oil giant billions.

July 4

-- A plane powered by the sun's rays lands in Hawaii after a record-breaking five-day journey across the Pacific.

July 5

-- The first pope from Latin America, Francis, lands in Ecuador, returning to Spanish-speaking South America for the first time, bringing a message of solidarity with the region's poor.

July 6

-- Despite triumphing in a popular vote against austerity, Greece's leaders face the urgent need to heal ties with European creditors and reach a financial rescue deal to prevent the country from falling out of the euro.

July 7

-- A Palestinian movement calling for a global boycott campaign against Israel as a nonviolent method to promote the struggle for independence appears to be gaining enough momentum for Israel to identify it as a threat.

July 8

-- The Philippines asks an international tribunal to declare China's vast territorial claims in the South China Sea invalid, saying Beijing's island-building and other acts have trampled other nations' maritime rights.

July 9

-- India's top court orders a federal investigation into a multimillion-dollar college admissions and government job recruitment scandal in central India said to be linked to dozens of mysterious deaths.

July 10

-- The prime ministers of nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India agree at a rare meeting to cooperate on eliminating terrorism in South Asia.

July 11

-- Negotiations over Iran's nuclear program blow past the two-week mark in Vienna ahead of a new deadline for a deal, with the U.S. and Iran both threatening to walk away.

July 12

-- Top Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman uses a tunnel to escape for the second time from a maximum security prison, severely embarrassing the government. .

July 13

-- Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faces intense pressure to back an onerous package of austerity measures demanded by European creditors in exchange for a financial rescue package that would prevent the collapse of the country's banks.

July 14

-- World powers and Iran strike a historic deal to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for relief from international sanctions.

July 15

--NASA's New Horizon spacecraft gets humanity's first close-up look at Pluto, sending word of its triumph across 3 billion miles (4.8 billion kilometers) to scientists waiting breathlessly at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

July 16

-- Japan's lower house of parliament approves legislation that sharply changes the country's postwar defense policy by allowing an expanded role for the military.

July 17

-- The new U.S. commander of the Pacific Fleet assures allies that American forces are well equipped and ready to respond to any contingency in the South China Sea where long seething territorial disputes have set off widespread uncertainties.

July 18

-- Mexico arrests 7 people who were being questioned in the jailbreak of drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

July 19

-- Conservative Horacio Rodriguez Larreta wins Buenos Aires' mayoral run-off election in a closer race than his opposition party had hoped for in the Argentine capital ahead of presidential voting later in the year.

July 20

-- Authorities suspect the Islamic State group is behind an apparent suicide bombing in southeast Turkey that killed 31 people and wounded nearly 100.

July 21

-- The U.S. says an airstrike has killed a senior member of an al-Qaida offshoot in Syria

July 22

-- Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari says a multinational African force will be in place within 10 days to take the fight to the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram that has killed thousands.

July 23

-- Three Obama administration officials stand stalwart behind the Iran nuclear deal despite deep concern among lawmakers that Tehran will try to evade nuclear inspectors and use billions from sanctions relief to further destabilize the Middle East.

July 24

-- Social media giants including Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook and Google push back against U.S. legislation that would require them to alert federal authorities of any terrorist activity.

July 25

-- Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit a residential area in a quiet Red Sea town in Yemen, killing at least 120 people in the deadliest strike against civilians since the March offensive against Houthi rebels began.

July 26

-- Turkey calls for a meeting of its NATO allies to discuss threats to its security and its airstrikes targeting Islamic State militants in Syria and Kurdish rebels in Iraq.

July 27

-- Chinese stock market plummets in biggest one-day drop since 2007, raising doubts about the health and direction of the world's second largest economy.

July 28

-- Amnesty International says the discovery of 129 bodies in clandestine graves during months of searching for 43 missing Mexican students highlights a crisis of disappearances in Mexico.

July 29

-- Afghan authorities announce they are now certain that the Taliban's reclusive leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, died in a Pakistani hospital in 2013.

July 30

-- A man just out of prison for a similar offense a decade earlier stabs six at a gay pride parade in Israel and one victim later dies.

July 31

-- China awarded 2024 Winter Olympics over Almaty, Kazakhstan

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