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Chronology of news events in 2015

Chronology of news events in 2015


May 1

-- Rage turns to relief in the riot-ravaged U.S. city of Baltimore after the city's prosecutor charges six police officers with felonies ranging from assault to murder in the death of an African-American man in their custody.

May 2

-- The Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a daughter in London, who becomes fourth in the line of succession to the throne and the fifth great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II.

May 3

-- Two gunmen are fatally shot by a police officer in a Texas town after they open fire outside a contest for Prophet Muhammad cartoons.

May 4

-- Leaders of France's far-right National Front party suspend its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen.

May 5

--A former Irish Republican Army commander linked to one of the outlawed group's most notorious killings is shot to death in Belfast.

May 6

-- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu completes formation of a new coalition, putting him at the helm of a hardline government that appears to be set on a collision course with the U.S. and other key allies.

May 7

- A U.S. appeals court rules that the National l Security Agency's bulk collection of millions of Americans' phone records is illegal and asks Congress to act.

May 8

-- The Conservative Party sweeps t to power in Britain's parliamentary elections, winning an unexpected majority that returns Prime Minister David Cameron to 10 Downing Street in a stronger position than before.

May 9

-- North Korea says that it has successfully test-fired a newly developed ballistic missile from a submarine in the latest display of the country's advanced military capabilities.

May 10

-- Cuban President Raoul Castro meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican to thank him for working for U.S.-Cuba detente -- and says he is so impressed by the pontiff he is considering returning to the Catholic church.

May 11

-- Refugees and migrants intercepted at sea will not "be sent back against their will," the European Union's top diplomat assures the U.N. Security Council, citing a proposed EU maritime operation to deal with the growing wave of human smuggling from North Africa.

May 12

-- A new earthquake kills dozens of people in Nepal, which is still struggling to recover from a devastating quake nearly three weeks ago that killed more than 8,000.

May 13

-- Yemen's humanitarian cease-fire comes under significant strain in its first 24 hours, disrupted by a Saudi-coalition led airstrike, fighting in a strategic province and shelling by coalition forces west of the port of Aden.

May 14

-- President Barack Obama assures Arab allies they are safe from the threat of an empowered Iran, pledging an "ironclad commitment" to the Sunni governments of the Persian Gulf.

May 15

-- A jury sentences Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing that killed three and left more than 250 wounded.

May 16

U.S. commandos kill a man described as the Islamic State's head of oil operations in a rare ground attack inside Syria.

May 17

-- The contested city of Ramadi, capital of Iraq's largest province, falls to the Islamic State group as Iraqi forces abandon their weapons and armored vehicles to flee the strategic city in a major loss despite intensified U.S.-led airstrikes.

May 18

-- European Union nations approve plans for a naval operation to go after the human trafficking networks that are sending thousands of migrants weekly across the Mediterranean toward Europe or their deaths.

May 19

-- On a visit to Ireland, Prince Charles shakes hands with Sinn Fein party president Gerry Adams in a significant moment for Anglo-Irish relations.

May 20

-- Islamic State extremists capture the ancient desert city of Palmyra in central Syria after government defense lines collapse, a stunning triumph for the group only days after it captured the strategic city of Ramadi in Iraq.

May 21

-- Four Malaysian navy ships begin searching for stranded boat people in the first official rescue operation since desperate migrants started washing up on Southeast Asia's shores.

May 22

-- Dutch government seeks to introduce a limited ban on 'face-covering clothing," in what is widely interpreted as a new attempt to outlaw burqas, the head-to-toe Islamic robe worn by only a few hundred women in the nation of 17 million.

May 23

-- Salvadorans rejoice as slain Roman Catholic Archbishop Oscar Romero, killed by an assassin 35 years ago, is declared a martyr for the faith.

May 24

-- Conservative challenger Andrzej Duda wins Poland's presidential election, ousting the incumbent in a runoff vote.

May 25

-- South African veterinarians save a 4-year-old female rhino, a rare survivor of increasing attacks by poachers who killed more than 1,200 rhinos last year in South Africa.

May 26

-- An Iranian security court holds the first hearing in the closed trial of an Iranian-American reporter for The Washington Post who has been detained for more than 10 months on espionage charges.

May 27

--U.S. government launches an attack on what it calls deep-seated and brazen corruption in football's global governing body, FIFA, indicting 14 influential figures on charges of racketeering and taking bribes.

May 28

-- Heat wave in India has killed more than 1,400 with no relief in sight.

May 29

-- U.S surveillance detects two large military vehicles on one of the artificial islands that China is creating in the South China Sea, heightening concerns that Beijing could use the land reclamation projects for military purposes.

May 30

-- A suicide bomb blast outside a mosque and rocket-propelled grenades that exploded into homes as people slept kill at least 30 people in the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri.

May 31

-- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry breaks his leg in a bicycle crash near Geneva, forcing him to return to the U.S. for treatment and to scrap the rest of a four-nation trip.

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