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Man arrested for making bomb threat against school in Taipei

Man arrested for making bomb threat against school in Taipei

Taipei police on Monday arrested a man who was suspected of making a bomb threat against Dunhua Elementary School in the city.

The 36-year-old man, identified only by the surname Chou, was arrested at his home in Xizhi District of New Taipei, which neighbors the city of Taipei.

After being picked up, he admitted to sending the bomb threat via e-mail to the school because he was unhappy with the way local authorities handled a tip-off he gave them about what he said was an "illegal structure" in his neighborhood, according to police at Songshan Precinct.

The Taipei school received the bomb threat e-mail on Dec. 1, sending teachers and students into a panic. The police were called in and searched the school for an explosive device but found nothing.

Police also traced the location from which the e-mail was sent, which eventually led them to Xizhi.

Chou was also found to have sent the same bomb threats by e-mail to schools in central and southern Taiwan, the police added.

The case is still under investigation. (By Yu Kai-hsiang and Elizabeth Hsu)

Updated : 2021-09-26 06:01 GMT+08:00