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Taiwan ceramics museum to launch exchange program with Germany

Taiwan ceramics museum to launch exchange program with Germany

Taipei, Dec. 25 (CNA) Taiwan's Yingge Ceramics Museum in New Taipei will launch a exchange program with a German craftsmen's association to facilitate interactions for ceramic artists from the two countries, starting from 2017. The cooperative agreement was signed by Chen Chun-lan, director of Yingge Ceramics Museum, and Heide Nonnenmacher, the president of a craftsman union from Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, in New Taipei on Dec. 14.

Under the agreement, Taiwan and Germany will send ceramic artists to the other nation to participate in residency programs every two years.

Chen said that Nonnenmacher had come to Taiwan before, and had been impressed with Taiwan's ceramics culture and the passion of Taiwanese people.

Chen also said that the idea of signing the agreement was promoted by Nonnenmacher, hoping that ceramic artists from both countries could have the opportunity to learn from each other and exchange different viewpoints. Nonnenmacher is now arranging a program for the craftsmen to work in a castle; she believes that these artisans will come up with more creative pieces while working in a historical building, Chen said.

According to Yingge Ceramics Museum, 52 foreign ceramic artists from 23 different countries have come to Taiwan as of 2015 under several exchange programs promoted by the museum. (By Wang Hung-kuo and Maria Tsai)

Updated : 2021-09-25 13:43 GMT+08:00