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KMT called to account for assets handling amid suspicion

KMT called to account for assets handling amid suspicion

KMT called to explain assets amid suspicion

Democratic Progressive Party spokesperson Wang Ming-sheng Thursday called for ruling KMT to account for its recent handling of part assets amid vote-buying suspicion.

According to a recent Supreme Prosecutors Office news release, the office has received a total of more than 800 vote-buying cases, which shows vote-buying has been more serious this year than past years, Wang said.

Wang suspected that KMT will try to win the elections by fair means or foul under the adverse socioeconomic situation.

Judging from KMT’s declaration of election expenses over the years, political donations only accounted for a small percentage of the expenses, Wang said, adding that the rest must have come from its party assets.

Wang said the KMT is auctioning off four pieces of land, which is estimated to be worth about NT$1.3 billion.

Wang also said the KMT handed out a subsidy of NT$6 million to each party legislative candidate, with candidates in challenging electoral districts receiving up to NT$10 million each. The amount handed out to 76 party legislative candidates totals about NT$600 million, Wang said.

Counting in the estimated NT$300 million ladled out to the party’s presidential election, KMT's total election spending so far is close to NT$1 billion, Wang said. He called for KMT chairman and presidential candidate Eric Chu to account for how much the KMT had used and will use its party assets for election spending.

Updated : 2021-09-19 08:06 GMT+08:00