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Economy and education: most asked issues by netizens

圖片取自Google 2016總統大選網站

Economy and education: most asked issues

圖片取自Google 2016總統大選網站

After analyzing more than 4,000 questions in the past two months, the website "Google 2016 Presidential Election" (click here ) announced Thursday that economy and education were the two issues most frequently asked by netizens regarding Taiwan's upcoming presidential election. As of December 23, the website collected more than 4,000 questions in its “voters’voice” column, 70 of which were signed by more than 1,000 netizens with 20 of them having got written answers from the presidential candidates, Google said. The questions showed voters cared most about economy and education issues, Google said, adding that Google Trends showed searches for “salary,” “housing market,” “student loan,” “studying abroad” and related key words have gone up in the past few years. Google Trends found number of searches for the key word “salary” by people of Taiwan has gone up year by year with this year seeing the highest in 12 years. With regard to the number two issue of education, Google said number of searches for the keyword “student loan” had increased over the years and reached the highest in August since 2011. It showed how much netizens were concerned about education policies and funding, Google added. The “Google 2016 Presidential Election” website, launched in October, has become a two-way open platform for voters and candidates.

Updated : 2021-09-27 23:54 GMT+08:00