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Taiwanese hospital to help El Salvador train doctors

Taiwanese hospital to help El Salvador train doctors

A major medical center in southern Taiwan said Wednesday that it has signed an agreement of cooperation with El Salvador's Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance to help the Central American country train medical staff.

Chio Chung-ching, superintendent of Chi-Mei Hospital, said El Salvador has a population of around 6 million, but does not have even one piece of therapeutic radiology and oncology equipment, even though such equipment is fairly common in Taiwan.

He said the focus of the agreement is on helping El Salvador to develop cancer treatment.

Chio noted that the hospital will allow a quota of 30 doctors to receive training in Taiwan over a five-year period. In the initial stage, the focus will be on cancer treatment, he went on, noting that five doctors had applied for the training program as of Wednesday after passing initial screening.

He said the hospital has also donated a high-end abdominal echo instrument to a hospital in El Salvador and has promised to donate a total of US$90,000 in research funds over three years to the medical college of University of El Salvador.

The hospital will also donate wheelchairs and incubators for premature babies.

Chio noted that this is the first time a Taiwanese private hospital has signed an agreement of cooperation with the health ministry of one of Taiwan's diplomatic allies.

He said the hospital began medical and humanitarian assistance in Nicaragua eight or nine years ago, and in recent years, has provided medical services in remote areas of Thailand on a regular basis.

The agreement on cooperation with El Salvador was reached with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Taiwan's embassy in El Salvador. (By Yang Su-rui and Lilian Wu)

Updated : 2021-09-22 16:46 GMT+08:00