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Taiwan’s IPI down 7 consecutive months

Taiwan’s IPI down 7 consecutive months

Taiwan's IPI down 7 consecutive months

Taiwan’s industrial production index declined for a seventh consecutive month, posting an annual decrease of 4.94 percent in November, according to Ministry of Economic Affairs statistics.

Referring to the production status of each industry, manufacturing decreased 5.03 percent, mining & quarrying decreased 1.44 percent, electricity & gas supply decreased 13.22 percent, water supply decreased 2.02 percent, and buildings construction increased 17.70 percent, the ministry said.

With regard to sales of trade and food services, wholesale trade decreased 4.5 percent in November, while retail trade increased 2.5 percent, and food and beverage services increased 3.1 percent, the ministry said.

Updated : 2021-09-27 05:22 GMT+08:00