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Taiwan boosts awareness of streamlined visa procedure in India

Taiwan boosts awareness of streamlined visa procedure in India

Mumbai, India, Dec. 23 (CNA) Taiwan has intensified efforts to boost the publicity of its streamlined visa application procedure in India in a bid to attract more Indian tourists.

Hsieh Chang-ming, director of the Tourism Bureau's representative office in Singapore, visited Mumbai Tuesday to promote the newly announced streamlined application process.

Taiwan launched the new visa application procedure Nov. 1, targeting tourists from five countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia -- Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India.

Under the new procedure, tourists from the five countries no longer need to submit documents on work and finances with their visa applications, as long as they travel as part of group tours arranged by select travel agencies working with Taiwan's Tourism Bureau.

In addition, tourists from the five countries traveling as part of incentive tour packages provided by enterprises are eligible for the new application procedure. According to Hsieh, the program allows Taiwan to issue visas to tourists in the five countries within 14 days.

However, Hsieh said that the new procedure is not well-known to travel agencies in India. After his office held talks with Indian tourism officials, many travel agencies showed high interest in the new program.

The Taiwanese representative said that Taiwan is not well-known in India, so it is necessary for Taiwan to promote its attractions to potential visitors from the South Asian country.

In 2014, foreign arrivals in Taiwan totaled 9.90 million, while tourists from India stood at only at 30,168, according to statistics compiled by the Tourism Bureau. Hsieh said that India represents a great potential market for Taiwan's tourism industry, so the Tourism Bureau is determined to invest more resources to help Indian people know more about the country.

The Tourism Bureau will launch several promotional campaigns in India in the near future, Hsieh said, adding that he has suggested that Indian travel agencies unveil packages that allow Indian tourists to visit Hong Kong and Taiwan on the same package or to come to Taiwan and Macau in one single package.

He said that Indian tourists could also take cruise ships departing from Taiwan for Japan. (By Charles Kang and Frances Huang)

Updated : 2021-09-28 19:46 GMT+08:00