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14 overstayed Indians caught in Taoyuan

14 overstayed Indians caught in Taoyuan

Taipei, Dec. 23 (CNA) The National Immigration Agency (NIA) reported Wednesday that it had caught 14 Indians who had overstayed their visas in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan.

According to the NIA, this was a rare case in recent years, as so many Indian overstayers at one time is an unusual occurrence.

The agency will continue to investigate the employer who employed them illegally and will expel the Indians soon.

After being tipped off that a lot of foreigners appeared to be hanging around a house in Daxi District in Taoyuan, the agency's Specialized Operation Brigade began a surveillance operation and found the 14 Indians in a raid that took place Dec. 17, saying that the venue was like an "Indian village."

The Indians entered Taiwan on 30-day tourist visas or on short-term business stay visas. The ones that have stayed in Taiwan the longest entered Taiwan two years ago, while the shortest had been in Taiwan for a little more than one month, although most of them had overstayed in Taiwan for over one year, the brigade said. (By Chiu Chun-chin and Lilian Wu)

Updated : 2021-09-19 19:38 GMT+08:00