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CEC reveals party at-large ballot numbers

CEC reveals party at-large ballot numbers

CEC reveals party at-large numbers

The Central Election Commission (CEC) announced Wednesday the ballot order numbers for the party’s at-large candidates in the upcoming local elections.

The three major parties, Democratic Progressive Party, Kuomintang and People First Party, have had their numbers drawn.

The January 16 elections, now 24 days away, will be held to elect the 14th President of the Republic of China, Vice President and members of the 9th Legislative Yuan.

The 18 tickets, in the order of their ballot numbers, are: DPP No.1; PFP No.2; Free Taiwan Party No.3; Peace Pigeon Union Party No.4; MCFAP No.5; Minkuotang No.6; Faith and Hope League No.7; Unionist Party No.8; KMT No.9; Taiwan Solidarity Union No.10; New Power Party No.11; Constitutional Conventions of Taiwan No.12; Green Party Taiwan No.13; Taiwan Independence Party No.14; Non-Partisan Solidarity Union No.15; New Party No.16; National Health Service Alliance No.17; Trees Party No.18.

With the candidates following the sequence in which they had registered, KMT Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng drew first on behalf of his at-large candidates, consequently receiving the number nine.

The DPP was represented by Secretary-General Joseph Wu, while Secretary-General Chin Chin-sheng on behalf of the PFP.

Updated : 2021-09-26 11:31 GMT+08:00