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Foreign national arrested for shoplifting

Foreign national arrested for shoplifting

A 24-year-old foreign national who has overstayed her visa in Taiwan for more than four years was arrested for shoplifting around 10 days ago, police said Monday.

A woman named Claudia Leonor, who has both Italian and Venezuelan citizenship, was arrested on Dec. 9 with milk, onions, sliced bread and meats in her backpack that she had not paid for, police at Zhongshan Precinct in Taipei said.

The police discovered after an investigation that the woman entered Taiwan on a tourist visa in June 2011 and that she has resided in Taiwan since then without making any changes to her visa status, they said.

During her time in Taiwan, she has traveled around the country and lived in a hotel, police said.

Taipei police believe that the woman does not have a regular income and therefore resorted to stealing food, clothes and cleaning items from hypermarts and suspect that she has been involved in five cases of theft.

Police said that after they were informed of thefts by convenience stores and hypermarkets, they used surveillance videos to track a foreign woman about 160 centimeters tall.

On Dec. 9 when Leonor and her male friend went to a hypermarket, a clerk spotted them stealing, called the police and tried to keep the two people around.

The man fled before the police arrived, but the woman was arrested with a backpack full of goods that were allegedly stolen and a knife in her pocket.

She was later taken to the police station, but the police did not reveal the case until Monday.

The authorities have turned the woman's case over to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office on suspicion of aggravated theft, and she is now being held at a detention center, pending a decision by prosecutors on what to do next. (By Liu Chien-pang and Lilian Wu)

Updated : 2021-09-22 06:46 GMT+08:00