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Warm weather expected before Christmas Eve

Warm weather expected before Christmas Eve

Taiwan is likely to experience sharp temperature fluctuations this week, with the current warm weather expected to last until Wednesday before an approaching cold front due to arrive Christmas Eve Thursday, the Central Weather Bureau said Sunday.

The cold air mass to hit Taiwan is expected to move southward and send temperatures plunging Thursday, with northern and eastern Taiwan having a chance of rain, and low temperatures are likely to dip below 14 degrees in the greater Taipei area on Christmas Day, forecasters said.

Yushan, the highest peak in Taiwan at 3,952 meters, and mountains over 3,000 meters are expected to see the first snow of the winter season if the cold air brings sufficient moisture for the creation of snow.

However, before the cold front arrives, daytime high temperatures through Wednesday could range between 25-30 degrees Celsius in northern and souther Taiwan, and lows could hover around 14-17 degrees.

Meanwhile, central and southern parts of the country are expected to see large differences between daytime high and nighttime low temperatures during the period.

Although the winter's first strong continental cold air mass has passed, Chiayi recorded 10.4 degrees early Saturday, the lowest of the season, due to a radiative cooling effect. However, the temperature rose to 24 degrees in the afternoon. (By Evelyn Kao)

Updated : 2021-09-17 09:08 GMT+08:00