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Young fish introduced into reservoir to help keep water clean

Young fish introduced into reservoir to help keep water clean

Taipei, Dec. 20 (CNA) The Water Resources Agency (WRA) has recently released tens of thousands of young fish into Shihmen Reservoir, which supplies parts of northern Taiwan, in an effort to maintain the ecological balance and thus help keep the water collection tanks clean.

Three different species of fry -- bighead carp, black carp and grass carp -- were introduced into the reservoir in Taoyuan on Dec.15, with the participation of some primary school students and teachers, according to the WRA's North Region Water Resources Office.

"This is not an effort to free or save fish," but rather to use them to reduce the volume of plant growth and other unwanted species in the water, a member of the office staff said. For example, bighead carp usually feed on plankton, while black carp eat clams and water snails, and grass carp feed on plants like water hyacinth and duckweed, the office said.

By reducing the population of clams, water snails and algae, there will be less damage to the water storage facilities, the office said.

The office said the fry released into Shihmen Reservoir comprised 21,400 bighead carp, 30,000 black carp and 30,000 grass carp, each of which can grow to 3.6 kilograms to 6 kg in two years' time. Shihmen Reservoir supplies water to some 3.4 million people in Taoyuan City and parts of Hsinchu County and New Taipei. (By Huang Chiao-wen and Elizabeth Hsu)

Updated : 2021-09-19 08:02 GMT+08:00