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Presidential election campaign starts off

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The three presidential candidates marked the first official day of campaigning for the January 16 election Saturday by traveling across the country and stumping for legislative candidates.
For the average observer, the campaigns seemed to have started months ago, with stage appearances, news conferences, tours of markets and the launch of video campaign ads.
Kuomintang chairman and presidential candidate Eric Liluan Chu reportedly had seven destinations to travel to during the day. In New Taipei City, where he was re-elected mayor just a year ago, he attended rallies for two legislative candidates before traveling to Taoyuan, where he used to serve as county magistrate. He then returned to New Taipei for the founding meeting of supporters from the financial sector and left for Chiayi for two further events. The day would finish in Tainan for the opening of his local campaign office, which would be attended by his running mate Jennifer Wang and his wife, Kao Wan-ching.
Democratic Progressive Party chairwoman and presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen spent most of the day in Taoyuan, though she attended at least three different events. The opposition leader said that she was strong in the south, she needed to spend more effort in areas like Taoyuan, Miaoli, Hsinchu County and New Taipei City, which have been seen as KMT strongholds.
Her running mate, former health minister Chen Chien-jen, toured Taipei and New Taipei on Saturday, reports said.
People First Party chairman and presidential contender James Soong attended several events in the capital designed to emphasizes how generation after generation of Taiwanese voters had had enough of the confrontation and polarization between the “blue” KMT and the “green” DPP.
His running mate, Minkuotang Chairwoman Hsu Hsin-ying, had no official agenda for the day, but she was busy with meetings, reports said.
Next weekend will see the start of the live televised debates, with the vice-presidential rivals starting off on Saturday December 26. Chu, Tsai and Soong will spar on Sunday December 27 and Saturday January 2.
A series of televised broadcasts in which the candidates are allowed to present their views without interacting with rivals will start on December 25.

Updated : 2021-09-20 13:57 GMT+08:00