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Chen sees new political order in Taipei

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Democratic Progressive Party vice-presidential candidate Chen Chien-jen said Saturday a new political order in Taipei City was possible if voters supported the new progressive alliance.
Out of eight legislative districts in the capital, only two have a DPP candidate for the January 16 elections. In the other six, the opposition is backing candidates from a variety of smaller political parties and independents who form a loose alliance.
Chen admitted that Taipei City had always been a difficult place for the DPP, as it is considered a stronghold for the ruling Kuomintang, which in 2008 won all eight legislative seats in the capital.
Thanks to the support of independent mayor Ko Wen-je, this election could be different, Chen said. By rallying other progressive forces, there was hope that Taipei’s existing political structure could be broken, the former health minister said.
The other candidates backed by the DPP include members of the New Power Party, the Green-Social Democratic Alliance, the People First Party and new politicians expelled from the KMT but now running as independents.
Chen made the remarks at the inauguration of the campaign headquarters for DPP legislator Yao Wen-chih, the only candidate from the opposition party who managed to win a seat in Taipei at the last election, in 2012.
Yao, who has been pictured on posters holding a bowl of vegetables, said he wanted to concentrate on promoting food safety.
Chen praised him for supporting various policies which were now being implemented by Ko’s city government, including the plan to move Taipei Songshan Airport out and to replace it with a huge green area comparable to New York City’s Central Park.

Updated : 2021-09-28 07:51 GMT+08:00