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At a glance: 10 highest-paid female CFOs

At a glance: The 10 highest-paid female Chief Financial Officers

At a glance: 10 highest-paid female CFOs

Here are the top 10 highest-paid female chief financial officers at S&P 500 companies for the 2014 fiscal year, according to an analysis by Equilar and the Associated Press. Median pay for female CFOs rose to $3.32 million last year, edging past the $3.3 million median for male CFOs. Pay includes salary, bonus, perks, stock awards, stock option awards and other components.

1. Ruth Porat, Morgan Stanley(asterisk), $14.4 million

2. Marianne Lake, JPMorgan Chase, $9.1 million

3. Catherine A. Lesjak, Hewlett-Packard, $8 million

4. Sharon McCollam, Best Buy, $7 million

5. Robin Washington, Gilead Sciences, $6.2 million

6. Christa Davies, Aon, $6.1 million

7. Carol Tome, Home Depot, $6 million

8. Patricia Yarrington, Chevron, $5.8 million

9. Kathleen Quirk, Freeport-McMoRan, $5.2 million

10. Robyn Denholm, Juniper Networks, $5 million

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