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Taiwan donates 1,000 saplings to Israel

Taiwan donates 1,000 saplings to Israel

Taiwan has donated 1,000 saplings to Israel, with a tree-planting ceremony held in a desert area of southern Israel Wednesday.

The ceremony was jointly presided over by Taiwan's representative to Israel, Chi Yun-sheng, and Michael Ben Abu, the director of Israel Fundraising Department at Jewish National Fund.

Amid the flying national flags of the Republic of China and Israel, the 1,000 pomegranate, fig and eucalyptus trees were prepared for planting in the Negev Desert in southern Israel.

Chi planted the first eucalyptus in the desert, while Ben Abu explained that to thrive in the dry desert environment, the trees must be drought resistant, and that the best time to plant them should be after rain, when the soil is moist and soft.

To maximize the survival rate to 95 percent, regular watering is needed in the first six months, he added.

Chi said that Taiwan, in response to calls to combat global warming, has promised to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 80 percent of the 2005 level by 2030.

The tree-planting event also demonstrated Taiwan's efforts in this regard, he said.

Ben Abu said the Jewish National Fund has a long history of planting trees and has planted more than 2 million trees in Israel.

He expressed appreciation for Taiwan, and welcomed those present to revisit the area after the saplings have grown into mature trees. Taiwanese expatriates and students in Israel also took part in the tree-planting ceremony. (By Lilian Wu)

Updated : 2021-09-23 18:09 GMT+08:00