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Wang’s husband tenders resignation at Judicial Yuan

Wang’s husband tenders resignation at Judicial Yuan

Wang's husband tenders resignation

Judicial Yuan Department of Government Ethics Director Huang Tung-hsun reportedly tendered his resignation amid snowballing controversies over his wife’s purchases and sales of military housing units, reports said Thursday.

Kuomintang vice presidential candidate Jennifer Wang had previously downplayed allegations that her husband was planning to quit his judicial position out of fears that the housing ruckus might cause his impartiality at work to be called into question.

The morning report follows Huang’s oral resignation submitted to agency Director-General Lai Jer-shyon earlier last week.

The Judicial Yuan’s Agency Against Corruption, which is responsible for appointing the head of the Department of Government Ethics, confirmed that Huang had indeed handed his letter of resignation in the morning.

Wang, who held a press conference last month detailing the transactions of her military housing units, said she was willing to donate the NT$13.8 million (US$417,992) profit that she made.

Huang’s future job description in the government will be decided upon by the Judicial Yuan at a later date, reports said.

Updated : 2021-09-27 08:20 GMT+08:00