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DPP against hastily passing legislative reform bill

DPP against hastily passing legislative reform bill

DPP against hastily passing reform bill

The Democratic Progressive Party Wednesday slammed the KMT for being absent in reforming the legislature which it controlled for decades and for trying to hastily pass the proposed legislative reform bill 3 days before the legislature adjourns for the year.

The legislature will adjourn from December 21-31. Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-ping called a party caucus negotiation Wednesday to discuss agenda for the last plenary meeting and whether to send the legislative reform bill directly for second reading in order for it to be passed before the legislature adjourns.

After two hours’ discussion, Wang announced that the legislative reform bill would not be passed in this session.

The DPP central committee made an announcement with regard to the legislative reform bill on the same day.

The announcement said that the DPP had incessantly made legislative reform proposals since the 1992 legislative election, including plans to amend content related to legislative investigation and legislative hearings; however, the KMT had blocked the proposals from the beginning.

The KMT has controlled the legislature for decades, yet it is always absent in the reforming process, the DPP said. Since the 8th legislature, the DPP has proposed 17 legislative reform bills, which have been blocked 1,040 times in procedure committees and in plenary meetings, the DPP said.

The KMT’s trying to pass the bill 3 days before the legislature adjourns is a political calculation, treating the legislative reform bill as a tool for election campaign, the DPP said.

The fact that some controversial and important bills being hastily passed for a second reading without going through professional committee discussions has been a cause of criticism directed at the legislature, the DPP said.

The DPP said that its caucus had proposed a complete legislative reform plan and insisted that the reform bill must be referred to committees for reviews to strengthen the committee system.

The first step to reform the legislature is to stage a first-ever historical “changeover of political parties in the legislature” to allow representatives of new public opinions to participate in real constitutional and legislative reforms, the DPP said.

Updated : 2021-09-25 20:27 GMT+08:00