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'Typhoon' tops 2015 Google’s list of most-searched keywords

'Typhoon' tops 2015 Google’s list of most-searched keywords

Typhoon tops 2015 Google's most-searched list

According to Google’s list of this year’s most-searched, which was revealed on Wednesday morning, the word “typhoon” leads the chart of the top trending keywords.

This year, weather-related issues have garnered the most online interests as the word “typhoon” snagged the number one spot in Taiwan as the most-searched topic, the search engine giant said on Wednesday.

Each year, Google identifies the top trends and consolidates them into an annual list meant to capture the most popular topic of the year.

In addition, the movie “Our Times,” the TV show “The Empress of China,” and Singer Jody Chiang also grabbed a spot on the list.

Updated : 2021-09-27 20:19 GMT+08:00