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Survey: 85% of people willing to pay higher prices to support renewable energies

Survey: 85% of people willing to pay higher prices to support renewable energies

A newly released survey result showed that 85.1% of people in Taiwan are willing to pay higher electricity bills to support development of renewable energies.

The Risk Society and Policy Research Center, National Taiwan University on Wednesday released results of the “survey on Taiwan people’s attitudes towards climate change.”

The center conducted the survey from November 5-13 by telephone interviews of 1,071 effective samples. The survey had a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error no more than ±2.93%.

The survey found that 67.9% of people think climate change is the most serious problem the world now faces; 74.3% don’t think the climate change problem is exaggerated; 72% don’t think environmental protection hinders economic development; and 43.4% think fighting climate change helps economic growth.

A total of 39.6% of people have taken action to fight or reduce climate change; 86.9% agrees to implement environmental protection for the sake of future generations; 80% think the problem of air pollution is serious; 78.8% think alternative energy can reduce emission of greenhouse gases; and 66.5% support the government to adjust the structure of high energy consuming and high pollution industries, the survey found.

The survey found that 68% of people support the government to levy energy and environment taxes; 39.1% think the government has made clear-cut climate change policies, and 68.9% think the government does not take enough action to fight climate change.

Center director Chou Kuei-tien said that the COP21 heralded the end of the fossil fuel economic era and the coming of the green and low carbon economic era. The survey showed that people in Taiwan had considered climate change as an important issue and agreed to implement environmental protection for future generations, he added.

The survey also showed that people had heightened consciousness towards sustainable development and were willing to pay higher prices to support renewable energies, Chou said.

He recommend the government make future policies more transparent and increase cooperation with the private sector.

Updated : 2021-09-22 14:27 GMT+08:00