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Executive Yuan agrees on selling alcohols online

Executive Yuan agrees on selling alcohols online

Executive Yuan agrees on selling alcohol online

Premier Mao Chi-kuo Tuesday agreed on amending laws to legalize selling alcoholic beverages online.

The current Enforcement Rules of the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act prohibits selling alcoholic beverages via selling machines, mail orders, electronic shopping or other means that cannot identify buyers.

Minister without Portfolio Tsai Yu-ling said that Mao in principle agreed on opening of selling alcoholic beverages online, with the proviso that related measures need to be drawn to restrict the underaged from buying via this channel.

The first step is to amend related laws to lift child protection groups’ concern, Executive Yuan spokesperson Sun Li-chyun said.

Initial control measures include registration of online alcoholic beverage sellers, putting warning languages online, credit card payment only, revealing items of alcoholic beverages sold and name of the buyer on the package, picking up delivery of goods through chain convenience stores only, and checking of the buyer identities by the store clerk.

In addition to the planned amendment, fines for online sellers and convenience stores who violate the regulations will be raised to NT$50,000-250,00 from the current NT$10,000 -50,000.

Updated : 2021-09-20 23:42 GMT+08:00