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Regent Taipei presents best Christmas dessert gift idea

Regent Taipei presents best Christmas dessert gift idea

As the end of the year approaching, Regent Taipei specially presents a series of exclusive holiday menus, room packages and intricate Christmas dessert gifts from now until January 3rd, 2016 for you to spend an unforgettable Christmas and New Year with family, friends and beloved ones!

Dessert has been one of the highlights for holiday celebrations. This Christmas, other than freshly baked traditional pastries such as Gingerbread Tree, Xmas Wreath and Chouquette, patissier of Regent Taipei plays with creativity and crafts two unique sweet creations, the Sweet Crystal Ball and the Secret Message QR Code Cake. Inspired by the 25th anniversary Christmas Wishing Ball idea, the Sweet Crystal Ball is a palm-size gingerbread house encased in a spherical acrylic container.

Built on white chocolate chips, apricot jelly, and vanilla cream custard while covering white chocolate snowflakes, it can be enjoyed as a dessert or hanged on the Christmas tree as a decoration. The Secret Message QR Code Cake is a perfect combination of food and technology. Consisted of a nutty crust base and a fluffy layer of mousse made of seasonal fruits, premium chocolates, pistachio and caramel, the cake is designed in cute round macaroon shape and coated with joyful Christmas shades. Each cake is attached with a personal QR Code, which corresponds to a 10-second video recorded by the guests.

With the help of Regent Taipei’s digital marketing team, this surprise message will be printed on the chocolate decoration and shown to the special one upon cake delivery. Available in red, green, yellow, black and white.

Updated : 2021-09-26 08:53 GMT+08:00