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Turkey disperses protest by Kurds denouncing curfew

Turkish police disperses protest denouncing days long curfew at Kurdish city

Turkey disperses protest by Kurds denouncing curfew

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Police in the mainly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir used water cannons to break up a protest by about 5,000 people denouncing a government-imposed curfew in one neighborhood.

Turkey is imposing dayslong curfews in towns and districts in southeast Turkey as security forces battle Kurdish militants who dig up ditches or set up barricades.

On Monday, thousands tried to march to Diyarbakir's Sur district to denounce a curfew that was declared 12 days ago. Police meanwhile clashed with youths who set up barricades and lit a fire on a road in Diyarbakir.

Sur is the scene of frequent clashes between security forces and Kurdish youths.

Renewed fighting with the rebels has killed hundreds since July. The government says it is determined to clear the towns and districts of Kurdish militants.

Updated : 2021-09-21 21:32 GMT+08:00