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Luis Ko advises against hasty food law amendments

Luis Ko advises against hasty food law amendments

Food safety affects everybody: Luis Ko

The outspoken and food safety-minded entrepreneur I-Mei Foods CEO Luis Ko on Monday called on the government not to hastily amend the Act Governing Food Sanitation. Also, Ko expressed opinions on issues including U.S. pork imports, calling for the government to act on food squandering, farm land pollution, and insufficient training and assistance to food suppliers to deal with food safety problems.

Commenting on the government’s amending the food sanitation act 8 times in 8 years, Ko said that even though the act had been amended so many times, serious food safety breaches still happened time after time. The Food and Drug Administration should not be the only institution responsible for current food safety issues, Ko said, adding that many other government agencies and civic organizations should also take part in safeguarding food safety.

The government should work out trans-agency policies and standards to make sure those subject to the policies and standards include not only agriculture crops but also the environments in which crops grow, Ko said, adding that only by doing so can people eat at ease.

With regard to the serious food squandering problem, Ko recommended that Taiwan should set up “food banks” to prevent foods from being directly thrown away by supermarkets.

In addition, the government is responsible for not only educating its people against overly putting additives in foods but also for guiding them to reduce agricultural pesticide and animal drug residues to the minimum, Ko said. The right way is to “guide” first and “punish” next, he added.

With regard to U.S. pork import issues, Ko said that Taiwan should not bar U.S. pork imports unless the government can be sure that no Taiwanese pork farmers use Ractopamine or other equivalents. He advised the government to rationally face issues of U.S. pork imports by first paying attention to labeling.

Kao forecast that Taiwan will face a high commodity price environment. As the testing and training adds up the cost in production, suppliers’ cost will go up too, and the heightened cost will finally be reflected in commodity prices.

Updated : 2021-09-20 01:13 GMT+08:00