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DPP, KMT agree on three presidential debates

DPP proposes SET-TV to co-sponsor with PTS

DPP, KMT agree on three presidential debates

DPP, KMT agree on 3 presidential debates

Democratic Progressive Party spokesperson Juan Chao-hsiung pointed out during a press conference in the morning that the DPP wishes Sanlih E-Television (SET-TV) to co-sponsor the election debate with Public Television Service (PTS), reports said Monday.

The DPP also acknowledged the collaboration with four Chinese-language newspapers – China Times, Liberty Times, United Daily News, and Apply Daily – and with the Central News Agency, Juan said.

He also disclosed that the DPP and KMT have come on an agreement to hold three televised debates prior to January 3, of which one event will be reserved for the vice presidential candidates.

“We hope to hold the first presidential debate either on December 18 or 19.”

It will be more difficult to schedule the debate after Dec. 25, he said, because a series of government-sponsored presentations will start at that time, which will require a lot of time by the presidential candidates.

The long-pending presidential debate has been stalled because both parties failed to reach a consensus regarding who should host the televised events, as Tsai had been insisting on SET-TV as the host, while the ruling KMT favored PTS.

Updated : 2021-09-20 14:18 GMT+08:00