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The information security center becomes a government agency

The information security center becomes a government agency

The Legislative Yuan on Monday passed the act for establishing the national information and communication security technology center. The center is expected to become operational early next year.

The center is established as an independent administrative agency to upgrade national capabilities of protecting and promoting information and communication security, with the Ministry of Science and Technology as its supervisory body.

The center’s business scope includes information security practices that are related to national security and have to be kept secret as well as practices that private industries are incapable of; providing management and technical support, third-party certification, and personnel training; promotion of information security consciousness; and assisting related agencies in counteracting in case of a cyber attack or threat, the MOST said.

The center, which will be primarily funded by the government, is expected to be operational in January 2016, the MOST said.

Updated : 2021-09-27 19:29 GMT+08:00