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Magnetic wall decors expected to catch on: Formica Taiwan

Magnetic wall decors expected to catch on: Formica Taiwan
Magnetic wall decors expected to catch on: Formica Taiwan

Magnetic wall decors to catch on: Formica

Chalkboards or whiteboards may soon be things of the past as Formica Magnetic Laminate makes headway into households, classrooms and offices as a dual purpose wall option to serve as a decorative splashback and a whiteboard, Formica Taiwan Corp. Sales Supervisor Neo Niou told Taiwan News on Sunday.

“It’s a brilliant way to keep memos organized as institutions and corporations continuously seek design solutions for improving employee collaboration and productivity,” Niou said.

Ideal for communication and display, Formica Magnetic Laminates have a strong magnetic effect and can be written on with chalks or special board markers for a wide variety of applications in environments such as retail, education, commercial and residential.

They are available in a variety of color options, including the highly popular D8217 Crystal White laminate, and the D8211 Hunter Green which typically resembles to that of a traditional blackboard.

“The writing slate is in demand and here to stay,” he said. “To address this design direction, we’re thinking beyond the worktop and offering educators and business executives a beautiful-yet-functional vertical surface created specifically to foster communication.”

But the new-fangled application isn’t uniquely exclusive to offices and schools.

As the kitchen expands its role beyond food prep to a versatile work station, architects are also creating spaces that help homemakers organize school activities, shopping lists and chores by allowing them to scribble memos directly onto the kitchen wall. In fact, using the similar magnetic concept, the Formica DecoMetal are tiles designed for light duty horizontal or vertical applications, including walls, retail fixtures, signage, exhibits and displays.

“The Formica DecoMetal has yet to make its way to the market in Taiwan, as it was just introduced at this year’s event,” Niou said, adding that Taipei Building 2015 has been an ideal platform to showcase the company’s latest building material innovations.

“We expect the demand for magnetic wall decors to catch on in Taiwan, as we believe today’s young pool of designers and architects will help instigate a new wave of interior design phenomenon in the foreseeable future.”

Updated : 2021-09-21 22:06 GMT+08:00