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United Daily News: Activists against Ting Hsin should respect food

United Daily News: Activists against Ting Hsin should respect food

The people involved in a controversial campaign to boycott products from subsidiaries of the scandal-ridden Ting Hsin International Group should adjust their approach and maintain respect for food.

It is good to see consumers weigh in on the food safety issue, but the ongoing campaign, which urges consumers to buy the Lin Feng Ying-brand milk made by Ting Hsin subsidiary Wei Chuan Corp. then immediately open the containers and ask for a refund, has done little to make their case.

Those activists are simply abusing the goodwill of American hypermarket chain Costco, which allows consumers to return goods unconditionally if they do not like or no longer want the products.

The movement has created a big waste of milk, which is even not linked to the Ting Hsin case, in which the food company was found to have imported feed-grade fat and oils for use in the production of cooking oils.

If the activists do not know the target of their campaign and are simply attacking whoever they can, then what is the difference between their approach and that of terrorists in the Paris attack?

In addition, since the food scandal broke, Ting Hsin has released its majority stake in Wei Chuan and now holds only a 40 percent share.

The activists should be rational in their appeals and keep in mind that there are great values that should not be sacrificed.

The boycott campaign began earlier this week, after a district court acquitted former Ting Hsin Oil and Fat Chairman Wei Ying-chung of charges related to violations of the country's food safety laws on Nov. 27.

After the ruling, National Taiwan University on Dec. 1 announced an indefinite boycott of Ting Hsin products. In October 2014, the university banned all Ting Hsin products from its shops except those operated by contractors.

Last Thursday, prosecutors filed an appeal against the not-guilty verdict in the Ting Hsin case. (Editorial abstract - Dec. 13, 2015) (By Lee Hsin-Yin)

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