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Taipei Building Show 2015 jumps on eco-friendly bandwagon

Taipei Building Show 2015 jumps on eco-friendly bandwagon

Taipei Building Show features 'green' trend

The 27th Taipei Building Show will be closing its doors on Sunday with visitor numbers expected to exceed 70,000 (including more than 1,000 overseas buyers) recorded during its four-day bonanza.

According to show organizers Supperline International Enterprise Co. and the National Association of Architect, the result is particularly satisfying given the complex and uncertain economic climate. Moreover, the event has cemented its international focus with international exhibitors coming from 21 countries this year, including from the United States, Canada, Italy and Japan.

For the past 27 years, the Taipei Building Show has always offered an opportunity to prepare for the future thanks to its strong international appeal, particularly in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) countries, and its ability to attract high quality visitors with investment projects, many of which were decided at the show.

“Despite the sluggish economy, the four-day venue nevertheless leaves a positive note as the general consensus is that project initiators (and exhibitors) made this a dynamic show that gave a confidence boost to everyone working in the sector,” show organizers said.

While technologies continue to evolve, many breakthroughs of eco-friendly products and high-tech building materials have been widely developed and are being showcased at Taipei Building 2015, such as multi-functional windows, nano-photocatalytic tiles, color controllable LEDs, wireless control systems, and 3D printers.

Taipei Building offered a great platform from which to launch a number of innovative solutions. More than 3,000 architects from various professional fields took part in the 44th Architecture Festival and 12th Architecture Forum of Taiwan held in conjunction with the show.

Specialized areas were also set up to help buyers look for their specific needs: Miscellaneous Building Materials; Green Buildings Materials; Ceramic Bathroom Equipment; Lighting & Lamps; Intelligent Building; Tiles & Decorative Building Materials; Lightening & Lamps; and Furniture.

Updated : 2021-09-21 03:39 GMT+08:00