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Approaching cold front to bring first snow of winter

Approaching cold front to bring first snow of winter

Temperatures in northern Taiwan are expected to dip to as low as 12 degrees Celsius in the coming days as a cold front approaches the country Tuesday and may bring the first snow of the winter season on some of its highest mountains, the Central Weather Bureau said Sunday.

The cold front from the north could first move across Taiwan Tuesday and affect the island for four days, with temperatures in northern Taiwan likely to fall to 12 degrees late Wednesday or early Thursday, the bureau said.

The cold air mass is expected to bring sufficient moisture and ideal temperatures for the creation of snow on mountains over 3,000 meters, the bureau said, predicting that snow could come overnight in mountainous areas, including Yushan, the tallest peak in Taiwan at 3,952m.

If the season's first snow falls on Yushan as forecast early Thursday, it will have a good chance to break the record for latest first snow on the mountain in seven years, the bureau said.

According to the bureau statistics, the earliest first snowfall on Yushan was recorded on Oct.1, 1986, while the latest first snowfall was recorded on Jan. 17, 2008.

The average date of the season's first snow on Yushan was on Dec.1, while the first snow typically fell on the mountain between Nov. 8 and Dec. 23, according to the bureau.

In addition, the average temperature this autumn in Taiwan was 25.76 degrees, the second highest on record for the season in the country, lagging only the 25.82 degrees set last year.

Also, Taiwan experienced this year's first cold air mass on Nov. 25, breaking the record for latest first cold air mass in 65 years, according to the bureau. (By Evelyn Kao)

Updated : 2021-09-27 22:20 GMT+08:00