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Draw for presidential ballot listing to be held Monday

Draw for presidential ballot listing to be held Monday

A draw will take place on Dec. 14 for the order in which the presidential candidates will be listed on the ballot in the Jan. 16 election next year, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC). Either presidential candidates themselves or a representative can draw the numbers Monday at 10 a.m. to decide the order of listing on ballot, and the official list of candidates will be publicized on Dec. 18, the CEC said.

Lee Shu-chuan, secretary-general of the ruling Kuomintang will represent the party's presidential candidate Eric Liluan Chu and his running mate Jennifer Wang at the draw.

The Democratic Progressive Party candidates Tsai Ing-wen and Chen Chien-jen will be represented by party official Lin Hsi-yao.

The third ticket, James Soong of the People First Party (PFP) and his running mate Hsu Hsin-ying will be represented by PFP Deputy Chairman Chang Chau-hsiung.

On Dec. 8, the CEC approved the eligibility of the three pairs of candidates to run in the presidential election on Jan. 16, 2016. (By Lu Hsin-hui, Hsieh Chia-chen and Lee Mei-yu)

Updated : 2021-09-24 01:20 GMT+08:00