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Economics minister to attend WTO ministerial conference

Economics minister to attend WTO ministerial conference

Taiwan's Economics Minister John Deng will lead a delegation to the 10th World Trade Organization (WTO ) ministerial conference in Nairobi, Kenya, Dec. 15-18.

Deng said the issues on the agenda include whether to continue the Doha round of talks under the WTO or start new discussions since the Doha talks have not reached a conclusion since 2002.

The meeting will also discuss the items to be included on a list of environmental products, he said.

Other issues on the agenda include double checking a concession list by countries taking part in the expanded talks on an information technology agreement, Deng said.

He said there are still some differences among the countries, and he is hoping they would reach some kind of consensus.

The countries had agreed that the tariffs on most items would be removed within three years, while the adjustment period for a few sensitive items would be extended to five or seven years, Deng said.

He said he is hoping for an agreement that would make the adjustment period as short as possible.

Deng and his delegation will leave Sunday for Nairobi and return Dec. 20. (By Huang Chiao-wen and Lilian Wu)

Updated : 2021-09-25 13:23 GMT+08:00