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Urban farming on Dihua Street sees first fruits of labor

Urban farming on Dihua Street sees first fruits of labor

In response to the Taipei City Government's vision of reinventing the metropolis as a green capital, Datong District Office has tried to turned parts of its famous Dihua Street, an old commercial hub, into a "farm city."

Urban farming, a practice that has been widely accepted in big cities like New York and Tokyo, may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one traverses Taipei's densely packed streets, but over the past year, the city government has begun encouraging its citizens to transform idle spaces on rooftops and in public areas into vegetable gardens.

Datong district, on the western side of town, is one of the areas that have integrated natural beauty with a sprawling metropolis. The district office has urged the public to adopt gardening plots along Dihua Street, a street that usually bustles with customers weeks before the Chinese New Year.

Setting an example, the office turned a small piece of public land into a vegetable farm. More than 50 local residents volunteered to look after the crops in the 124-square meter patch.

Datong district chief Hsieh Cheng-chun said that many "urban farmers" are novices when it comes to farming, but they have been touched by the process of working with the soil and seeing the growth of their crops.

The experience has also made them feel more related to the place they live, Hsieh added.

After a month of care, these urban farmers welcomed their first harvest of lettuce, broccoli, celery and a few other vegetables Friday.

At the presentation, Hsieh gave out seeds to interested residents so they can grow their own vegetables at home.

The community garden does not only provide fresh food for city dwellers but it also transforms into a new tourist attraction, where foreign visitors are surprised to find green patches amid a concrete jungle, according to the Datong District Office. (By Huang Li-yun and Lee Mei-yu)

Updated : 2021-09-25 05:08 GMT+08:00