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Chicago's Field Museum says worker stole $900,000 in cash

Chicago's Field Museum accuses worker of stealing $900,000 over 7 years in membership scheme

Chicago's Field Museum says worker stole $900,000 in cash

CHICAGO (AP) -- Officials with Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History say an employee allegedly stole about $900,000 in cash over seven years.

The accusations were disclosed in a December federally-mandated tax report. The museum receives federal grant money.

Museum Chief Marketing Officer Ray DeThorne said Friday that the employee was fired when the alleged scheme was discovered in 2014. Officials say they kept it under wraps because the FBI and U.S. attorney's office are investigating.

No charges have been filed. Federal authorities declined comment

The employee allegedly stole through a membership card scheme, taking cash and making temporary cards without entering the information into the system.

DeThorne says it's embarrassing, but that the museum has added security measures, including new security cameras. DeThorne says losses were recovered through an insurance program.

Updated : 2021-09-19 04:59 GMT+08:00