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Clinton vows to defeat Islamic State if elected president

Clinton says she's the only presidential candidate with plan to defeat Islamic State

Clinton vows to defeat Islamic State if elected president

TULSA, Oklahoma (AP) -- Hillary Clinton said Friday her opponents are all talk when it comes to defeating the Islamic State group but that she's the only presidential candidate with a specific plan.

Speaking in Republican territory, the Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State sought to emphasize her foreign policy credentials in the aftermath of a major terrorist attack in Paris and a massacre in California currently under investigation by the FBI as an act of terrorism.

"The others, they talk a lot, they throw out all of these approaches," Clinton said at a rally in Oklahoma. "But I've been in the situation room in the White House and I know what it's going to take and I will keep America safe."

Republican candidates have assailed President Barack Obama as being weak on responding to the rise of the Islamic State and are seeking to link the White House to Clinton's record on foreign policy. Clinton has sought to offer an extensive plan to dismantle the terrorist group from the air, ground and online, and plans to outline her strategy for homeland security next week.

Clinton reiterated she would not send American ground troops to the region if elected president, saying it was "not smart" and is what terrorists would want to happen.

Clinton was campaigning in Oklahoma, a safe Republican state in general elections, and among several "Super Tuesday" states holding Democratic primary contests on March 1. The former first lady is the overwhelming front-runner against two rivals for the Democratic nomination.


Associated Press writer Ken Thomas in Washington contributed to this report.

Updated : 2021-09-18 07:11 GMT+08:00