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Chen seeks support in Chiayi during campaign rally

Chen seeks support in Chiayi during campaign rally

Chen seeks support in Chiayi

Democratic Progressive Party vice presidential candidate Chen Chien-jen called on the public Thursday to root for Lee Chun-yi, a Democratic Progressive Party legislator who is currently running for re-election.

“We need your support to win a legislative majority next January,” Chen said.

The vice presidential contender was at a rally in Chiayi as he campaigned for the party legislator, who had helped establish a number of positive social welfare programs for its local residents.

Accompanied by Chiayi Mayor Twu Shiing-jer and several distinguished guests representing the cities’ medical institutions, Chen hailed Chiayi as an ideal place to settle down after retirement, citing DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen’s aim to implement social welfare programs for the city’s senior citizens.

“Lee is an upstanding legislator who returned home from abroad to stand for the people of Chiayi,” Chen said.

The DPP is prepared to become the ruling administration, the DPP presidential contender said during the campaign trail.

“We are seeking your continued support so that we can beat our political rivals in the January 16 elections.”

Updated : 2021-09-26 00:40 GMT+08:00