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Overseas tourists to Taiwan to break 10 million mark

Overseas tourists to Taiwan to break 10 million mark

Tourists to Taiwan to break 10 million mark

The goal of attracting 10 million overseas tourists to Taiwan in 2015 is soon to be accomplished, with 9,631,740 overseas tourists having arrived this year as of December 7, Executive Yuan Spokesperson Sun Lih-chyun Thursday quoted a Tourism Bureau statement as saying. Judging from the current growth rate, the 10 millionth overseas tourist is predicted to arrive sometime between December 18 and 20, he added.

Premier Mao Chi-kuo said that in recent times well-known foreign media has frequently recommended Taiwan as a favored tourist destination for its high-quality travel environment, tasty foods and warm-hearted hospitality. For example, the National Geographic Magazine has picked Taiwan as one of the top 20 travel destinations in the world for 2015, he added.

Tourism is a key industry the central and local governments have been pushing hard to promote in recent years, Mao said. As a result, numbers of overseas tourists to Taiwan grow fast and steadily every year, jumping from more than 3 million in 2008 to breaking the 10 million mark this year, he added.

Taiwan is soon to become a great tourism nation with more than 10 million overseas tourists annually, Mao said while asking the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to get prepared for the welcoming of the 10 millionth overseas tourist.

Updated : 2021-09-22 16:48 GMT+08:00