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Taiwanese, Indonesian found with NT$2.5 million in cash at airport

Taiwanese, Indonesian found with NT$2.5 million in cash at airport

A Taiwanese man and an Indonesian man were intercepted at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Thursday, after they each attempted to take more than NT$1 million (US$30,431) out of the country, aviation police said that day.

The men intended to board the same plane for Indonesia's Jakarta earlier that day.

But they were found to have something suspicious in their carry-on luggage during an X-ray security check, which was discovered to contain a total of NT$2.5 million in NT$1,000-denomination bills, police said.

The Indonesian man said the NT$1.4 million in cash he was carrying was to be used to pay for medical costs for his family, while the Taiwanese man said that he carried the NT$1.1 million for the purpose of shopping in Indonesia, police said.

As the men were not allowed to leave the country with their money as planned, they decided not to continue with their trips.

The maximum amount of Taiwan currency that each traveler is permitted to take out of the country each time is NT$100,000. Passengers who wish to carry a larger amount are required to apply for approval from the Central Bank in advance; otherwise, they will not be allowed leave the country with such a large sum.

It is the second time that people have been caught trying to violate the reulation this month.

A Taiwanese woman was stopped on Dec. 2 by police at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport with NT$16.6 million in cash concealed in her luggage, after she attempted to travel to Indonesia.

On the same day, two other Taiwanese women preparing to depart for Hong Kong were found to be carrying NT$11.9 in cash in their luggage. (By Chiu Chun-chin and Elaine Hou)

Updated : 2021-09-28 02:41 GMT+08:00