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Regent Taipei introduces Hawkes Bay Wagyu 9

Regent Taipei introduces Hawkes Bay Wagyu 9

Steak lovers would be thrilled to have another fine choice in beef in Taipei! To continually provide a wide selection of premium beef delicacies, Regent Taipei has been sourcing and serving some of the best beef from all over the world.

Starting from December, other than the American Kobe, Double Blue Australian Sher Wagyu and Japanese Tajima, Robin’s Grill and Robin’s Teppanyaki will be serving well-marbled Hawkes Bay Wagyu 9+ Duo for guests to enjoy tender, succulent steaks at affordable prices.

A perfect mix of Japanese Black and full-blooded New Zealand Wagyu, the Hawkes Bay 9+ Wagyu is raised at the fertile, river-run hills of Hawkes Bay. Naturally grown under a sunny and dry climate, the cattle are fed with select grains and pristine water, which result in the superior quality of meat. While the beef falls under the F3 category, which is considered the highest quality of meats in mixed Wagyu breeds, the Hawkes Bay 9+ Wagyu sells at a price 30% less than their full-blood Wagyu counterpart.

Grilled on hot lava stone or pan fried on an iron teppan sheet, Robin’s chefs assure each Hawkes Bay Wagyu 9+ steak is cooked to perfection, which requires little or no seasonings when served. So come and savor the fulfilling 6oz Sirloin Steak or the premium 4oz Rib Eye Cab with unbeatable pricings at NT$3,200 and NT$3,800 respectively!

Updated : 2021-09-27 05:32 GMT+08:00