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Poland's president defies constitutional ruling amid crisis

Poland's president defies ruling by constitutional court, deepening the country's crisis

Poland's president defies constitutional ruling amid crisis

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- An official says Poland's president plans to go ahead this week with the swearing-in of the fifth of five controversial appointments to the Constitutional Tribunal, a move that defies a recent ruling by that same high court that declared three of the five appointments illegal.

Critics say the move by President Andrzej Duda amounts to an illegal attempt by the country's new right-wing authorities to take control of the court. A pro-democracy initiative in Warsaw, "We Are Watching You," calls it "a situation without a precedent in Poland's democratic history."

Marek Magierowski, Duda's spokesman, said Tuesday that the president plans to swear in the last judge on Wednesday.

Last week, Duda swore in the first four in the middle of the night despite questions of their legality.

Updated : 2021-09-25 00:25 GMT+08:00